5 Star Service - £130.00
- Remove all component parts, strip and de-grease headset, strip & service hubs where necessary, service clean and polish frame and components, replace inner cables where necessary, true wheels, grease, re-assemble, lube and tune. Supplementary charge for disc brake bleed. 
Full Service - £80.00
- Check, de-grease and clean gear and brake systems, de-grease headset where necessary, strip & service hubs where necessary, true wheels, replace inner cables where necessary, full clean and polish, grease and lube. Supplementary charge for disc brake bleed.
Basic Service & Safety Check - £40.00 
- Tune gear and brake systems.  Carry out PDI Safety Check including headset, bottom bracket and wheel hubs, check bike for damage and loose parts.
Brake Service (hydraulic powered) - from £45.00
- Inspect and clean rotors, callipers and pads, check alignment of rotors, bleed system, tune.
Full Bike Build / Frame Swap - from £130.00
- Build entire bike using parts bought by customer / remove all components and transfer onto new frame.

Fork Installation - £35.00 - £50.00
- Including setting up of new / existing headset and cutting steerer tube.
True Wheel (on jig) – from £20.00 (depending on extent of buckling)
- True wheel laterally and radially using wheel jig.
Replace Spokes – from £15.00
- Replace damaged or missing spokes with new.

Fit New Inner Tube (including tube) - £15.00
Build Bike from box (including PDI Inspection) - £40.00 - £60.00
- Price varies dependant on type of bike – please contact us for details.
Bike Clean – £45.00
- Full clean and de-grease of components and frame, dry, lube and polish.
Wheel Building - £POA – contact us for further details
This list is not exhaustive – please contact us for a price for any works not listed here.
All prices DO NOT include parts unless stated otherwise.