New Single Speed Conversion

The next of the single speed conversions is coming along quite nicely. I picked up a very sturdy but very unloved Raleigh Mercury road bike which makes for a perfect conversion project. The frame is in great condition, made from steel and carried the classic 18 - 23 year guarentee from Raleigh!!

Its been to CARS spray shop at Henbury Farm for a new paint job. Gordon at CARS was keen to suggest a neutral gloss but I spotted an exotic metallic yellow / green and couldn't resist.

Its back from the shop and back in the work stand ready for new components including flat bars, headset, cranks, chain ring, free wheel, seat post and saddle. All the components are going to be black to contast with the frame.

In their infinite wisdom Raleigh decided that they would apopt their own system when it came to fork threads and bottom bracket threads. Rather than sticking with the fairly standard 24 TPI (threads per inch) they decided to go with 26 TPI the result of which is that parts can be hard to come by and very expensive.

If it wasn't a challenge it wouldn't be worth doing!!

Its sure to be a thing of beauty when its complete.

More photos to follow....

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