Raleigh Pioneer Restoration Project

I was approached last month by a gentleman who had been desperately searching for a suitable bike for his daughter to take with her to university in Exeter. He had seen plenty of 'okay' bikes but nothing that really caught their eye and nothing within their budget.

The daughter already had a Raleigh Pioneer which was a bit tired and in no way trendy. We decided to take the bike and jazz it up to create a practical bike that looked great and was trendy enough for university life in Exeter. I took the bike home and went about turning the tired bike into something special.

The paint colour had to be cream which was a great choice as it would then work well with some brown or tan accesories and parts. The bike was stripped down to bare frame and all components and parts were thoroughly cleaned and degreased. The frame was sent to CARS at Henbury Farm to be sprayed and baked in a nice gloss cream finish.

In the meantime the wheels were stripped, rims and hubs were cleaned and polished and then the wheels were rebuild using new stainless spokes.

Once the frame was back from the spray shop the bike was built using a mix of existing and new components and parts. We opted for a new set of gum wall tyres, brown ergo grips, new tan comfort saddle, new cream / brown pannier bags and vintage style front & rear lights.

I couldn't be happier with the result and can't wait to take it back to the customer - I'm quite sure they'll be the talk of Exeter University in no time!!!!


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