New Workshop Facility

March 1, 2017

It seems like quite some time since the last Bike Craft Dorset blog post (in fact it is somewhere in the region of 2 years, 5 months and 17 days; not that anyone has been counting!!!!) 


We are still nice and busy with a very satisfying variety of work.  Such was the quantity of work during 2016 that the decision was taken that we would need to expand our workshop space.


The original workshop from which the business was started in November 2013 was simply too small and cramped so we decided that we would construct a custom unit to our exact requirements. After much deliberation and internet searches (mainly checking on local planning regulations) we chose a timber unit which was duly delivered in kit form in September.


I am more than happy to take on any kind of bicycle repair – in some case the more tricky and complex the better.  Nothing beats the feeling of fixing something that was considered totally broken.  I am not however in any way comfortable or experienced in the use of timber. 




Fortunately my brother is an incredibly talented furniture maker but sadly his talents mean that his order book is always stacked and he had no chance of lending a hand (or building the entire thing!!)



As luck would have it my dad is also very  talented when it comes to all things timber.  Even better, he is retired and therefore had no way of getting out of lending a hand in the construction of the new workshop facility. 

What should have been a simple days work for the two of us ended up as at least 3 days of highly complex problem solving that at times had the both of us completely stumped.  Not even my grade B maths GCSE could have helped with some of the trigonometry and geometry conundrums.  Eventually we saw the light at the end of the tunnel and despite laying the felt roof three times (not enough time to explain quite what a horror show we made of it the first 2 times) we got the main shell finished.


The interior was much less of a problem although deciding on where to place obvious things like the workbench did end up requiring more thought than expected.  As we were designing from scratch we were even able to include such luxuries as fully insulated walls and ceiling - compared to the old workshop it ought to be tropical!!



It has already made a huge difference to the business.  And the roof hasn’t leaked so we must have got the felting right on our third attempt!!  The new facility is almost twice the size of the original one and is a rectangle rather than an odd, awkward shape.  It is absolutely superb and we are fully settled in and loving the new space!! 


(Top left photo: dad busy at work while I drink tea and take poor quality photos)

(Top right photo: a thrilling shot showing the wall insullation)

(Bottom left photo: the two lazy apprentices who spent all day drinking tea)

(Bottom right photo: the wonderful finished article)


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